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New Paltz Trucking Violations Lawyer

If you are facing trucking violations charges, you need a lawyer with experience and skill to defend you. Especially if you are a CDL driver, trucking violations charges could carry much greater penalties than for non truck drivers. You could lose your license and face greater criminal penalties.

I have the experience to defend you from these charges. As a New Paltz trucking violations attorney, I have been practicing law for more than 25 years, and I have vast experience with local county, city, and town courts that you will have to face to defend against these charges. My New Paltz, New York, law firm is poised and ready to defend you from trucking violation charges.

Types Of Trucking Violations

There are many different types of trucking violations:

  • Weight-limit violations: There are strict limits on the weight of a truck. I represent clients who have been charged with weight-limit violations from the weigh stations in Lloyd and New Paltz.
  • Log book breaks and errors: Drivers are required to keep consistent and accurate log books. Breaks and mistakes in keeping these books can carry serious legal penalties.
  • Safety violations: Sometimes the truck itself is not up to safety regulations. Failure to keep the truck compliant with safety regulations can bring its own legal penalties.
  • Driving hours violations: Drivers on occasion try to push on to make miles, but if you drive longer than the maximum allowed hours, you could be facing legal penalties.
  • Traffic violations: Regular traffic violations like speeding tickets can carry greater fines and penalties for truck drivers.
  • DWI or felony DWI: These charges are particularly important, especially for CDL drivers, because DWI or felony DWI could result in a loss of CDL license.

I can defend you aggressively against any of these criminal charges.

New York Truck Overweight Violations Lawyer Offering Exceptional Client Service

I take great care to provide my clients with personalized care in my legal representation. I keep it simple: when you work with me, you work with me, not my legal assistants or associates. I will be the one returning your calls, and I will be the one representing you in court.

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