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A conviction for drunk driving in Ulster County can have devastating effects on your life. If convicted, you may be facing large fines, driver’s license suspension, possible probation or jail time, increased insurance rates, and other penalties. A conviction could also affect your career and personal life.

I am Ulster County DWI lawyer Larry Trank, and I have more than 25 years of experience defending people charged with DWI. I understand what it takes to build an effective defense of drunk driving charges, and I also understand the local court system. Not all attorneys are so prepared to effectively handle DWI cases and felony DWI in Ulster County Courts.

Defending Clients Against Drunk Driving Charges

There are many potential ways to defend against DWI charges — even if you believe there are no defense options available and that you are guilty. I will thoroughly analyze every aspect of your DWI arrest and consider every possible defense option:

  • Were field sobriety tests administered? The results of these tests are often unreliable.
  • Were breath tests administered? If so, was the machine properly calibrated?
  • Did the police officer have probable cause to stop your car?

I will consider these and other factors to identify potential defense options. My goal is to help you obtain the best possible resolution of your case and avoid the negative consequences of a DWI conviction.

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