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The crime of larceny involves theft of another person’s property. In New York, you can be charged with either “petit larceny” (commonly referred to as “petty larceny”) or “grand larceny.”

I am New Paltz grand larceny defense lawyer Larry Trank, and I have significant experience representing clients charged with shoplifting and larceny in local courts. I understand the nature of these charges and effective ways in which to defend my clients. If you have been charged, I can immediately step in and help you seek the best possible outcome.

Understanding Larceny Charges

  • Petit larceny involves the theft of goods valued up to $1,000
  • Grand larceny involves the theft of goods valued at $1,000 or greater

Whether you have been charged with petit larceny or grand larceny, it is important to take your charges seriously and learn about your legal options. Even if you steal a $2 food item at a grocery store, you may be facing larceny charges. If convicted, you may be facing consequences that include fines, possible jail time, and damage to your reputation and career. Employers may be reluctant to hire someone who has a history of theft.

Do not hesitate or wait to contact a criminal defense attorney if you are facing criminal charges. The sooner you do, the earlier a lawyer can begin working on your behalf. I represent clients of all ages, including students attending nearby colleges, including SUNY New Paltz and Marist College.

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