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An Attorney Helping You Fight Speeding Tickets

It is easy and common to dismiss a speeding ticket as nothing more than a minor infraction – a source of mild embarrassment and financial inconvenience. Most of us would rather just pay the citation instead of contesting it. But although they are relatively minor compared to criminal charges, speeding tickets can have long-term consequences you may not have considered. By paying the fine, you are pleading guilty and accepting whatever unforeseen problems may come with that plea.

Instead of paying the speeding ticket, it is often in your best interests to contest the citation with the help of an experienced law firm like Lawrence R. Trank, PLLC. When you contact my office, I may be able to help you have the ticket dismissed or otherwise reduce its impact on your life.

A Speeding Ticket Is More Than Just A Fine

A fine isn’t the only consequence of a speeding ticket. In fact, it’s not even the only financial consequence. Paying a speeding ticket is considered a tacit admission that you are an irresponsible driver. This gives your auto insurer an excuse to raise your premiums, and this increase can quickly add up to more than the fine itself.

Moreover, a speeding ticket will add points to your driving record, which could ultimately result in license suspension. Prior to that, however, you may be required to pay the costs of a driver responsibility assessment.

In light of these financial consequences and other drawbacks, many people conclude that hiring an experienced traffic crimes lawyer is a wise investment that could actually save money in the long run.

How Points Work In New York State

Just one speeding violation carries a minimum penalty of 3 points and can be as high as 11 points. And it only takes a total of 11 cumulative points to qualify for license suspension if those points are accumulated within an 18-month period.

Starting at 6 points, you could be subjected to the state’s driver responsibility assessment program. This means in addition to the original costs associated with the fine(s), you will be assigned a specific financial penalty that you’ll need to pay to the DMV each year for a total of three years.

Speed over the posted limit Number of points
1 to 10 miles per hour 3 points
11 to 20 miles per hour 4 points
21 to 30 miles per hour 6 Points
31 to 40 miles per hour 8 points
Over 40 miles per hour 11 points

Free Consultation With A Speeding Offense Attorney

One of the reasons people choose not to fight speeding offenses is because they believe that the process is inconvenient. I make it convenient. I will handle everything on your behalf. You will not need to miss work or make court appearances.

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