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A person charged with a criminal offense in New York has to defend against the charges in the county where they were charged. Each court has a slightly different approach, and different areas of criminal law that it most frequently handles.

New Paltz is where I keep my home office, so I am very familiar with the court system here, and I have more than 25 years of experience as a New Paltz Town Court attorney defending clients in the New Paltz court. Lawrence R. Trank, PLLC, my criminal defense and personal injury law firm, provides personalized service and skilled representation, backed with experience.

Cases Heard In The New Paltz Town Court

The most frequent cases heard by the New Paltz town court include:

Aggressive, Experienced Criminal Defense In New Paltz

Twenty-five years as a criminal defense attorney has taught me the importance of early and aggressive intervention. I get involved as early as possible to get the best results for your criminal defense case; I don’t want you to pay one cent more in fines or spend one minute more in jail than absolutely necessary.

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