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Experienced New Paltz Car Accidents Attorney

Victims of car accidents are left with many questions: What is a no-fault claim? How will my medical bills be paid for? Are there any time deadlines that I have to comply with? Do I need a referral to see a medical specialist? Who pays for my car repairs and rental?

You don’t have to guess at the answers to these questions. I am Larry Trank, a lawyer with more than 25 years of courtroom experience representing car accident victims in New Paltz, Ulster County and throughout the Hudson Valley region of New York. I will answer all of your questions and provide the guidance you need, beginning with a free initial consultation.

Compensation For All Motor Vehicle Accident Victims

I provide aggressive representation in all auto accident claims, including:

  • Car accidents
  • Tractor-trailer accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicyclists hit by cars
  • Pedestrians hit by cars

What You Need To Know About The Insurance Company

I encourage you to talk to me before you discuss your case with an insurance company claim representative. Do not sign anything until you have consulted an attorney.

The claim representative will seem friendly. You will likely receive an offer of compensation, and it may even be fairly soon after your car crash. On the surface, the offer may even seem reasonable. Keep in mind that insurance companies do not make money by providing reasonable settlements. They make money by minimizing settlements. The offer you receive may not be sufficient to cover all of your medical bills, let alone address lost wages.

I will take great care to calculate all of the costs associated with your auto collision. These are referred to as damages. Depending on the severity of the injuries, they may add up to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. I will add up how much you need and I will not accept anything less from the insurance company.

Contingency Fee Representation

You can pay no attorney fees unless I am able to obtain a settlement or verdict on your behalf.

Free Consultation With An Experienced Attorney

To schedule a free consultation to discuss your car accident injuries case, call my office toll free at 877-224-1132 or simply fill out the contact form on this website.