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Femur fractures after New York car crashes

According to a report on the Forbes website, there were 100,508 motor vehicle accidents in New York in 2022. More than 35,000 of those accidents involved a fatality or injury. Head and back injuries are the most common during car accidents. However, femur fractures can occur as well.

The femur

The femur is the bone that runs from your knee to your hip, the longest bone in the human body. Because of its size, the femur is at high risk of sustaining damage in motor vehicle accidents. The damage can occur to a driver, passenger or pedestrian hit by a vehicle.

High impact

The femur is one of the strongest bones in the body, and it takes a great deal of impact to break. Since so much force is required to fracture the bone, damage to other tissues is likely. For example, a femur fracture can also affect ligaments, blood vessels and muscles.


A fracture can occur anywhere on the femur during an accident. However, car accidents usually cause fractures along the shaft or the length of the femur. This is because femur fractures along the shaft or length are often caused by violent force.

Another common femur fracture involves the knee. You might think of the knee as separate from the femur, but it’s not. The knee has three bones – the femur, the tibia and the patella. If you have a knee fracture, that is also considered a femur fracture.

Treatment for a femur fracture depends on its severity and the location of the injury. Your recovery time will also depend on several factors, including your overall health and the severity of the injury.