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Traffic offenses and license suspensions

Convictions for driving under the influence are not the only legal matters that can result in a loss of driving privileges in New York. Juveniles are especially vulnerable to losing driving licenses due to low-level issues such as truancy and delinquency, not to mention if they do happen to get charged with drug offenses or a DUI while not having reached legal drinking age at the time. The court system is serious about all traffic violation issues, and assigning demerit points or complete driving privilege suspension is an effective method of punishment in some cases.

Speeding and reckless driving citations

Speed kills, and courts handle cases on a regular basis where someone dies at the hands of a reckless driver. Law enforcement officers also understand the problem well because they are required to investigate the accident scenes of those who are seriously or even fatally injured. There are other driving charges in addition to traffic violations that may require a strong criminal defense strategy, such as drug charges or alcohol possession by a minor, and they especially apply when drivers are involved in an accident.

Administrative non-compliance

Fines are usually assigned in almost every type of driving offense sentencing, and failure to pay those fines can result in a driving privilege suspension until becoming current on payments or paying in full. Additionally, community service orders and other types of additional penalties that are not completed can also result in a privilege suspension.

Altered licenses and registration plates

Many New York residents attempt to use altered driver’s licenses and registration plates while avoiding law enforcement as much as possible. However, when they are stopped, they face potential license privilege suspensions as part of any punishment. These are crimes that also carry specific penalties, but a suspension can be included as part of the punishment in New York without a strong defense.

New York state also maintains a demerit point system for drivers who are repeatedly issued citations for speeding and moving violations. Each violation carries a specific point amount, and driving privileges are suspended at the point that a motorist reaches 11 points in any 18-month period.